Thursday Jan 25, 2018

Sjögren’s syndrome: what do we know so far?

Professor Xavier Mariette (Head of Rheumatology at Université Paris-Sud, France) is an expert in Sjögren's syndrome. He tells Editor-in-Chief of RMD Open Bernard Combe what is known so far about a relatively unstudied autoimmune disease characterised by dryness of the mouth and eyes which is closely linked to rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Read more about this subject on the RMD Open website: • “Epidemiology of neurological manifestations in Sjögren's syndrome: data from the French ASSESS Cohort” -; • “SIGLEC1 is a biomarker of disease activity and indicates extraglandular manifestation in primary Sjögren's syndrome” -;

• “Patient burden of Sjögren’s: a comprehensive literature review revealing the range and heterogeneity of measures used in assessments of severity” -

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